Fruit Blasts

Our Blasts are bright, refreshing fruit chews that pack a punch of robust, natural fruit flavors.

Similar to our caramels, Fruit Blast chews are dosed with 10mg of THC per serving.

vegan and gluten free

Browse our current flavors:

Assorted Pack

Blast off with this triple-threat combo pack of fruit chews. Try our vibrant Orange, sweet and sour Pink Lemonade, and tart Cherry all in one go.

10 mg THC / 10 servings

Fruit Punch

Quench all your edible desires with this nostalgic drink inspired confection. (Some may call it a blast from the past!) Made with a unique blend of natural fruit extracts.

10 mg THC / 10 servings

Pink Lemonade

As thirst-quenching as the drink, with a "spiked" attitude.

Real lemon extract and a splash of strawberry extract offer a stimulating confection.

10 mg THC / 10 servings


Morning refreshments have never tasted so good. Enjoy this splendid orange fruit chew, made with organic cold pressed Orange Oil.

10 mg THC / 10 servings

Peach Mango

A sublime and balanced mix of natural peach and mango fruit extracts, made to entice your tastebuds.

10 mg THC / 10 servings

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Apple Pie

There’s always room for dessert. Sweet apple, Saigon cinnamon, and salt melted into caramel; replicating the gooey middle of an apple pie in ONE bite. Need we say more? 

10 mg THC / 10 servings

CBD Salted Caramel 20:1

Rest and rejuvenate with our salted caramels, specially formulated with CBD for your added benefit. Our take on the original decadent salted caramel.

20 mg CBD, 1 mg THC / 10 servings


Can't decide between rich couverture chocolate or silky caramel? With this chocolate-caramel combo candy, you can have the best of both worlds in one delicious bite.

10 mg THC / 10 servings

Vanilla Bean

The simple yet classy Rebel with an extra sweet tooth.  Made with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.

10 mg THC / 10 servings

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